Families, friends, teachers, and of course our amazing students!
Today is a very special day for our students, after another amazing Inna’s Hall of Fame/Academic School 4 Arts school year we are excited from what’s to come from this talented bunch!
From the fantastic performances of our musicians in our “Giving Thanks Music Recital” and the “Music and Art End of The Year Festival”, to the little Picasso’s who took part in the Arts4All “Giving Thanks” and “End of the Year Art Auction” Events, to our brilliant actors who took part in the “Alice@Wonderland” and “COVIDReactions” Musicals ; YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!
Without the dedication, commitment, desire, and support of our students, their families, and our staff and teachers; nothing we do would have been possible! You are our Heart and Soul.
Through your support we have built something much greater than any school, academic program, or camp; together we are a community and a family together in our support of the Performing Arts!

Thank you All for another fantastic year!