Piano Lessons

A favorite for many students and often referred to as the basis of all musical training, the piano is an instrument found in all parts of the world. Its large range practically encompasses that of a symphony orchestra. For beginner to advanced learners.

Group Piano for Beginners:

These fun-filled lessons will help your child begin their musical education on a positive note. They will participate in music classes where they can socialize and encourage one another, all while learning to play the piano.

Please note that Term 2 is a repetition of Term 1, not a continuation.  Students who would like to move on after completing a term of this class should speak to the instructor about private or semi-private lessons.

Piano Lessons for Older Beginners – 10 to 12-year-olds

These music classes emphasize reading and playing. Instruction follows ear and rhythm training, sight-reading, ensemble playing and exam preparation. Piano for Older Beginners is delivered as a semi-private lesson and requires a minimum enrollment of 2 students.

Our piano lessons are taught by educated musicians prevailingly with years of Music experience who have performed or are performing in a variety of styles, including classical, jazz, and rhythm and blues. Most of our teachers specialize in more than one instrument and are formally trained for many years.