Come and join Come and join our art adventure! 
Each week, explore drawing, painting, sculpting, fiber art, mixed media, and more.  The focus is on giving your child access to professional artists and quality materials to create art. our art adventure!


What will you do?
• Paint with watercolor & acrylic paints
• Draw with colored pencils, markers, and oil pastels
• Sculpt with polymer clay

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Our goal at Inna’s Hall of Fame is to create a calm, fun, caring, and professional learning environment for all of our students. We understand the importance of the performing arts for development and education; through the arts, children are taught crucial life skills such as communication, diligence, public speaking, and many more.

Our Summer Camp programs aim to help foster such an environment. Whether it’d be in Music, Dance, Acting, or Visual Arts; our amazing teachers and staff have helped guide students through to success in our numerous Theater Productions, Music Recitals, Dance Performances, and Art Shows!

Art Intensive Summer 2022

An 8-week arts intensive program, we provide students with a strong foundation in a multi-disciplined visual and performing arts program. We provide children ages 5-16 a positive advantage if they are truly interested in the visual and performing arts.

Combining theory, life skills, and talent, the comprehensive schedule is designed to gear students in the right direction and make sure they demonstrate the best of their abilities in an arts-structured environment. Students ages 5-10 have a prescribed schedule set for them in all of the disciplines while students ages 11-16 have an opportunity to choose the classes that they desire.

The program will conclude with an Art presentation and Galla!

Music Intensive Summer 2022

A four-Week Music Performance Intensive is the most comprehensive summer music performance program. From one-on-one instruction with our professional faculty, we offer piano, violin, cello, guitar, drums, and voice private classes on a daily basis this immersive program will enhance your instrumental or vocal performance mastery. There will be music theory, composition classes, and creating professional music bonds. Learn how to play in a band, develop improvisational and reading skills, and improve your technique in daily private lessons. You will also have the chance to explore areas of the music industry such as songwriting, music production, and recording.

Theatre Intensive Summer 2022

Our goal is to create a professional and cohesive theater atmosphere where young actors of all ages and differing skill sets are welcome! Through our productions students will have to be on top of their responsibilities for the show whether it’d be learning lines or working on dances for the show, parents should be aware that taking a role in any production requires responsibility and discipline.

We will be having two productions throughout the summer in our theatre camp. Into the Woods, and 101 Dalmations!