tap dance classes

A truly American art form, tap dance blends athleticism and artistry to deepen the dancer’s awareness of rhythm and musicality. Tap is an excellent way to develop rhythm, coordination, dexterity, and agility that carries over to other dance disciplines, academics, and athletics. Tap Dance Classes improve concentration and a student’s ability to grasp and execute combinations and instructions quickly. Students not only learn tap technique but also develop self confidence, stage presence, and performance skills.

Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one’s tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. Tappers can create a variety of percussive rhythms with their feet by tapping, sliding, and clicking their tap shoes on the floor. Inna’s Hall of Fame will teach rhythm, coordination, basic tap terminology and choreography. Our Tap dance classes are designed to refine tap skills, while moving beyond the fundamentals of tap. Students will be taught intricate new steps, rhythms, patterns and combinations in a mash up of many styles.

Tap Dance Classes 1-3

Ages 5-12

Tap dance classes at Inna’s Hall of Fame are a great way to teach kids about rhythm and sound. Our tap teachers are at the height of their talent and they share that talent with their students with the goal of creating tappers who are agile and musical. Our tap dance classes create strong, coordinated dancers who can move on to a dance career if that’s what they desire.

During class, students warm up, practice intricate steps in the center of the room, move across the floor, and work on dance routines from week to week. Dancers improve their tap skills working on small and large movements, complex rhythms, and multi-step exercises. Students will build upon their tap vocabulary and the combinations and rhythms will become more complex. Students will also work on fine tuning the execution of those more complex steps.