modern dance classes

Modern dance is a dance form that developed in the early twentieth century. Partly as a rebellion against the traditional, more highly technical forms of dance such as ballet, as well as a way to express contemporary social concerns. While strongly influenced by classical ballet, the movement of modern dance can be quite different in dynamics and style; many movements are weighted and close to the earth.

For any dancer, being exposed to as many different styles of dance as possible is always a good thing. Incorporating Modern Dance into a young dancer’s Ballet training is essential if you are wanting to develop a well-rounded dancer and performer. The more versatile a dancer can be, the better chance that dancer has of having a sustainable career! Modern also builds a strength in a dancer that you cannot acquire through ballet alone.

Modern Dance Classes

Age 10+

Using the principals of dance learned in their ballet classes, students will explore a diverse syllabus of modern technique. Modern helps students gain confidence as they learn to move and strengthen their bodies and develop a stronger core.

Inna’s Hall of Fame’s modern dance classes provide knowledge and proficiency in this genre, thereby increasing the student’s repertoire of movement and choreography. Emphasis is placed on learning the particular movements and positions to its unique style and technique. Improvisational techniques will at times be demonstrated and practiced. The freedom to explore space outside the classical spectrum enriches the student’s vocabulary of movement, enabling the dancer to convey ideas and express inner feelings.