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Hip-hop dance may be the youngest of the dance styles, but it is a very popular one. Dancers from all over watch their favorite dancers on TV and dream about acquiring the ability to perform the same moves themselves. Those teaching our hip-hop dance classes help Inna’s Hall of Fame’s students accomplish that goal. Hip hop dance is not a technically driven dance style. It is a style that develops agility, coordination, speed, and strength. This style can be more acrobatic in many ways. Dancers will learn to isolate parts of their body to perform moves meant to mimic the music chosen for the choreography.

Hip Hop is an explosive, funky dance style that combines memory, coordination, rhythm games, and loads of energetic fun! By combining fast paced rhythms and movement exercises, your child will get an awesome workout without realizing they are breaking a sweat. We will choreograph routines and learn the fundamentals of this funky dance style without sacrificing the joy of dance or the thrill of being a “hip” kid!

Students in both hip-hop dance classes will learn popular techniques like breaking, popping, locking, lyrical hip hop, funk, and voquing. These classes are designed to teach coordination, strength, agility and endurance. Students will learn popular techniques as well as dance combinations and choreography. 

Hip-Hop Dance Classes 4 Kids

Ages 6-12

Hip-Hop 4 kids are great classes where children can be themselves and develop their own styles and movement. Students learn the basics of hip-hop, including aspects of break dancing and video movement. Classes tend to be energetic and fun, while still working on the discipline of dancing in a group setting. Music and movement are clean and appropriate for all ages.

The Hip-Hop 4 kids classes at won’t get you set for battling as yet. Although it will, build confidence and introduce dance enthusiasts to the world of Hip-Hop dance. The classes are geared towards newbies, but do make some serious ground on advancing students to the next level.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes 4 Teens

Ages 13-16

Hip-Hop 4 teens combines the sharp, energetic pop movements of hip hop with the advanced level of incorporating one’s own movement style into the choreography. Class will consist of a warm-up, stretches, strengthening exercises, body isolations, working on center combinations and improvisation. Classes tend to be energetic and fun, while still working on the discipline of dancing in a group setting. Music and movement are clean and appropriate for all ages.

These classes are usually fast paced and require dancers to be both mentally and physically strong. Choreography can range from hard hitting and full out, to slower paced, textured movements. In the younger hip-hop levels, freestyle dance is encouraged towards the end of class, which helps these dancers figure out their rhythm and how to interpret the music. As the dancers get older, they will incorporate some of this personal flare into their combos as they perform in smaller groups for their peers.

JuS offers a wide range of dance genres. In this class you will learn the intensity of what it takes to be on stage. Through patience and progress we will get to our goal. Hip Hop is more then just doing cool moves with your body. It’s a feeling and a connection of energy with music. It is our job as dancers to show off the music with our body as big and free to the mind as we can.
Hand-Eye Coordination…Rhythm and Expression are basic elements to have as a dancer. Be expressive..tell a story in the music…and have fun

My goal is to empower and bring forth the artist within my dancers. To enlighten and educate kids..teens/young adults through urban and contemporary art forms; giving them a creative and positive outlet, while promoting and practicing the Classroom Dance Core Values; Precision
Focus and Mentorship


Dress Code


  • long leggings
  • short sleeve shirt 
  • Sneakers/jazz shoes
  • Hair: Ponytail, head wrap (bandanas)



sweat pants

  • short sleeve shirt
  • Sneakers
  • Colors: Black White or Gray)

 * No Jewelry No Accessories are allowed during class *