Pre Ballet Classes & Tap Introduction

Ages 3-5

Pre-ballet lessons use a fun and imaginative syllabus to playfully introduce French ballet terminology, age-appropriate ballet technique, teamwork, self-discipline, and ballet etiquette. We explore motor skills and musicality while encouraging creative thinking and a spirit of fun in the arts! Our young dancers attain higher levels of self-confidence as they develop strength, flexibility, and coordination through the joy of dance.

In Pre-Ballet, we introduce ballet steps such as plié and tendu for the first time, and students can master laterality (right versus left), as well as other elements of spatial awareness. We add live music with a music teacher to explore the relationship between music and dance and develop your child’s musicality.

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Ages 5-8

At the Primary level, your child understands and can safely execute ballet fundamentals. Through fun and engaging activities, we introduce and develop the foundational ballet building blocks, including proper turnout of legs, pointing feet, and body alignment. These elements prepare your child for the continued study of ballet in the Ballet Program.

Children spend the class warming up, practicing exercises at the ballet barre, moving across the floor, stretching, and having time at the end of class to explore their own body movements.

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Ages 6-10

Ballet level 2 is for ages 6-10 and who have completed Ballet 1 or are advanced in age with some ballet training. Children spend focused time at the ballet barre, exercise their balancing and jumping skills in the center, practice multi-step combinations traveling across the floor, and work on flexibility.

The ballet level 2 class is designed for students who have studied the basics and are ready to concentrate on developing a broader ballet vocabulary, doing more barre and center work, and focusing on correct placement.

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Ages 8-12

Ballet level 3 is for ages 8-12, and who have completed Ballet 2 and are serious about learning and practicing the ballet technique. During this class, students work at the ballet barre, complete center exercises including an adagio, petit allegro, and stretching, and practice multi-step exercises that move across the floor, such as a grand allegro and turn combinations.

Special attention is given to aplomb (placement of the head and neck with stability in the cervical spine). Greater complexity in petit and grand allegro, pirouettes are introduced both en dedans and en dehors, increased use of the demi-pointe in centre.

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Ages 10-16

Ballet 4 is for ages 10-16, and who are committed dancers. This class focuses on complex barre combinations, long memory exercises in the center, working on higher levels of jumps and turns, learning proper ballet terminology and definitions. At this level, students begin to work and focus on technique through repetitive exercises and patterns at the barre and across the floor. 

The concept of beating the legs together (batterie) is begun at this level. Turns are executed en l’air in allegro steps. Steps begin to be linked in more complex and expressive ways.