January 6, 2019

Lyrical Dance Classes

lyrical dance classes

Lyrical dance is a form of dance that branches from ballet. It takes the technical training that dancers receive and softens it, while still keeping the foundation. The music in the lyrical dance classes often tells a story, and the movement corresponds. This type of dance is a very expressive form of dance. The dancer becomes the actor and tells a story through technique and emotion with their bodies instead of their voices.

Lyrical students usually have a good background in ballet and/or jazz as these dance classes assume that technique is already present and primarily focus on emotion. It is the progression from technical ballet class to learning how to actually “dance” a ballet.

Blending classical and modern techniques, Lyrical class incorporates leaps, turns, extensions, and choreography, challenging each student to develop their individual artistic voice.

Lyrical Dance Classes

Ages 14+

This class is for dance students over the ages 14, and who love to express themselves through their physical body. The lyrical dance classes will consist of a warm-up, stretches, working on body isolations, across the floor exercises and a center combination. An emphasis is placed on interpreting music and emotion into movement and dancing from the heart.

Improvisational skills are introduced as well. Dancers will often be asked to take an intention or emotion and move freely to explore the music, describing this emotion through dance. As they get older these exercises will get more challenging and become a large portion of their training.

This is an expressive class for students who like to move in a creative and musical way. The movement style is a combination of ballet technique mixed with modern and contemporary.

Dear Parents, students and guardians

I hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and well.

The City of Cooper City has given us the go ahead for “Inna’s Hall of Fame” to reopen on Monday, June 1st, 2020!

  • We would like to let you know that we already installed buzzer doors.
  • We have protective glass in the front lobby and an infrared thermometer.
  • We will clean and sanitized the school throughout every day.
  • Masks are required

Any plans to reopen “Inna’s Hall of Fame” for in-person instruction will adhere to guidelines that are based on requirements outlined by the Department of Public Health and implements restrictions necessary to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in our community.

  • Our Summer Camp “ Hairspray” will have small capacity and age range 9-15 ( (please reserve your spot ) see information on our  website https://innashof.com/programs/performing-arts-summer-camp/
  • Our group classes will start on Monday, June 1st , and will be continuing through July and August please see attachment,  in-person schedule and our zoom classes will work at the same time ( please see schedule)
  • We are also offering transportation, please let us know ( only 4 students max. in the bus)
  • Our virtual Camps will start on June 8th please see informant on our website https://innashof.com/programs/performing-arts-summer-camp/
  • All private classes will remain as scheduled will be combined with zoom private classes.
  • The Diamond Gala performance will be recorded in August.
  • Music Recitals will be online on Instagram.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions

Please know how grateful we are for your patience, flexibility and support in these challenging times. As always, know of our prayers for you and your families.


Inna Maor