March 24, 2016


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  • Tickets are now on sale for the 2019 end of the summer camp sessions shows.
  • Antelopes will lope, ostriches will fan, kangaroos will do what kangaroos can, polar bears will wear top hats, leopards with spots will wear spats and hyenas will laugh as long as a long giraffe when students from Inna’s hall of Fame/Arts 4 All students’ present Doctor Dolittle JR. on August 7,2019, The whimsical musical follows the adventures of a small-town doctor in Victorian England who uses his special gift of being able to talk with animals to learn more about the world. Doctor Dolittle JR. is part of the Music Theatre International (MTI) Broadway Junior Collection®, MTI’s special collection of musicals for younger performers which includes “JR.” titles, 60-minute musicals for performance by middle school children; and “KIDS” titles, 30-minute musicals for performance by elementary school children.

    “In this musical, Doctor Dolittle becomes the world greatest animal doctor by learning how to speak the thousands of different dialects of creatures. This ability to connect and communicate sets him off on a fantastic life adventure. Similarly, through the common ‘language’ of this musical theater production, students with a wide range of interests and backgrounds are working as a team to create something together. We hope their audience outnumbers all the animals in the animal kingdom.” says Freddie Gershon, CEO of MTI.