July 16, 2020

Arts 4 All PAC Learning Program


Please register before August 10th to secure your spot, and also a waived registration fee ($55)!!

We are honored to introduce our new exclusive program for remote learning. Starting this fall 2020, students will be registered in their preferred public, private, or charter schools. We understand there are parents who need to work and cannot be home to assist their children with the academic curriculum. As a result, we are starting our remote learning program where your children will be monitored and assisted one-on-one in their academics throughout the day. We are offering this program on a first-come, first-served basis, as we are operating at 25% capacity. We are open to students grades K – 8th this fall 2020!

We will provide a safe location, transportation, assistance, dance, music, and art classes. Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing the academic work is getting done in a safe, productive environment followed by professional dance, music and training. Best of all we go above and beyond to enforce CDC recommendations to reduce exposure to COVID-19!

We will be providing the parents with different options regarding their child’s attendance.     

Tuition Arts 4 All PAC Learning Program

  • 10% off tuition with after school program registration (YAEP program)
  • Equal days with both programs (you save 20% off tuition)

Learning Program 7:30 AM – 2:30 PM

PAC Learning Program tuition

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Tuition After School (YAEP Program)

  • 10% off tuition with Arts 4 All PAC Learning Program registration
  • Equal days with both programs (you save 20% off tuition)
YAEP program tuition rates

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*Transportation service will be to and from our facility, for an additional charge*

Extra Curriculum Provided:

  1. Physical education class
  2. 1 Dance class (for dancers)
  3. 1 Music class (for musicians)
  4. 1 Art class (for artists)

*Each classroom will have a teacher to ensure the completion of school work as well as any academic assistance students might need. Students will need to provide their own supplies (Pencils, notebooks, etc. As well as any electronic devices used for online classes with headphones.)*

Sign up by August 10th and receive 10% off dance class tuition for fall 2020-2021.

Register for the Arts 4 All PAC Learning Program

Download the form. Then e-mail the completed form to inna@innashalloffame.com

Here are five reasons why you should strongly consider sending your kids to  Arts 4 All PAC Conservatory of Music.

  1. Smaller class sizes: Up to 5 students for grade
  2. Dedicated teachers: 2 academic 
  3. High-Level Music and Art instruction
  4. Safety: CDC COVID-19 guidelines
  5. Parental involvement